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Please note that our online booking form is for a fixed amount of hours of cleaning rather than for the entire job. Decide how many hours of cleaning you think you will need for the project you have in mind and then book
that amount of time for the day that you would like the cleaning done. If you are unsure about how much time you need you can call our office or request an online estimate here.

Here are some guidlines on typically the number of hours that may be needed
assuming the home is in average condition:
Up to 1500 sq ft        2 1/2 hrs x 2 people
Up to 1800 sq ft        3 hrs x 2 people
Up to  2000 sq ft       3 1/2 hrs x 2 people
Up to 2500 sq ft         4 hours x 2 people

You can book however many hours you choose and
be available to direct our employees on how you want
the amount you have booked to be spent.

Click Here to book Your Cleaning

( Please keep in mind that we provide services Monday to
Friday only. We can provide weekend appointments if required but
it will be neccesary to call our office before you book a weekend spot
to check availability. Please call 719-488-1569)

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